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Pre Engineered Buildings


Pre Engineered Buildings

If there is any worthy construction alternative to brick and mortar, it would be the pre-engineered buildings (PEB). The applications range from industrial to residential sectors. Warehouse, factory sheds, large open sheds like poultry sheds, dairy farm sheds, indoor tennis court, office buildings are a few examples of PEB’s application. These products from our banner make use of raw materials that are best suited for projects.

These are produced as per the industry norms and regulations, meeting quality standards. These are well-designed structural framework buildings, considering the seismic zone, wind load, dead load, and others. Deltin Structures is a turnkey solution provider for PEB structure working end-to-end from design, fabrication, production, and installation.

No construction pollution. Pebs are energy efficient!

Energy efficiency is another factor backing the success of PEB structures. Pre-engineered metal buildings are energy efficient because they are manufactured in factories, thus, there is no construction pollution happening at the site, which is unheard of in brick and mortar construction.

We provide these steel buildings to businesses ranging from e-commerce warehouses to airports. They are high-quality structures that are built to last long. The construction though lightweight requires minimal maintenance, so in the long run, leads to immense cost savings. Our products are reputed for weather-resistant properties and for ease of installation.

Quality Steel Building Construction

That Will Last a Lifetime

Looking for PEB steel structure construction in India, that will last a lifetime? Deltin Structures is the specialist provider of brand new pre engineered steel buildings. We are here to help you with our steel buildings constructed out of the very best material so that you won’t need to worry about repairs in a few years time. When you build with Deltin strucutres you can be sure that you have chosen the experts in steel building construction – which is why our clients work with us.

We offer a peace of mind guarantee on every steel building we create. Whatever industry you’re in, from agricultural, oil and gas or commercial, we’ve got the expertise and the knowledge to make the perfect steel construction for you.

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Benefits Of PEB Structure

The benefits of PEB buildings are as below:

❖ Construction Time: PEB steel structures can be installed quickly since they are pre-built in factories.

❖ Low Maintenance: PEB are maintenance-free structures that are lightweight.

❖ Corrosion Resistant: Pre-fabricated structures are resistant to corrosion and being structurally integrated, they can withstand severe weather conditions.

❖ Low Energy Consumption: These buildings are energy-efficient structures, which are also weatherproof.



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Creating a large, open space that’s uninterrupted by interior columns is trouble-free with Deltin’s Clear Span building system. Utilizing advanced design and detailing software, Deltin Structures can create a structure that is optimized for the space required. It’s ideal for recreation facilities, such as ice rinks and soccer fields, but is also frequently used in manufacturing and storage facilities. Creating a large, open space within the building is easily accomplished using a Deltin Structures Building System. Deltin Structures creates structures that are optimized for any space.

02.Roof System

Standing seam concealed fastener roof systems have been around for over 40 years. Deltin’s RTL-24 Standing Seam Roof System is a superior choice with its long-lasting steel panels and patented floating clips and seams. The innovative clips allow for thermal expansion and contraction, creating a roof system that is much stronger and resistant to wind uplift. You can achieve ultimate weather tightness with patented seaming and factory applied mastic. The low-slope RTL-24 roof system can be retrofitted to existing structures or designed as part of a new steel building system.


A building’s envelope is more than just functional, its form defines the style and look. Make your building look the way you want using long lasting steel cladding products from Deltin Building Systems. Deltin manufactures a wide selection of high-quality roof, wall and liner profiles. Our comprehensive selection of panels is ideal for use with new buildings or retrofit projects using any type of construction. Panels are available in a number of standard colours. To customize your building, optional colours and coatings are available by special order. Deltin Structures offers a wide range of standard trims to complement our panels. Custom trims are easily designed and made to order.

04.Retrofit / Reroof

Even the very best building envelope won’t last forever. When it comes to replacing yours, Deltin can provide the products and services you need. Correcting a failing roof system, improving the thermal efficiency, or altering the aesthetics, Deltin has the products and services you need for your retrofit project. Architects, specifiers and building owners rely on Deltin components because we meet the most comprehensive testing and compliance standards in the building system industry. Building owners looking for a way to stop roof leaks, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of their facility are finding the answer with Deltin Structures’ Roof & Wall Systems.



   ❖ Our building parameter questions can include

   ❖ How high will the building go? Do you need a single floor or multiple floors?

   ❖ Where is the site of installation?

   ❖ How many rooms do you need?

   ❖ What is your building budget?

   ❖ Are you looking for a permanent or relocatable building?

   ❖ How many people will inhabit the building?

  ❖ How many bathrooms do you need?

   ❖ What type of exterior finish do you prefer? What about the interior finish?

  ❖ Do you have any special building material in mind?- Steel, wood or concrete?
    What type of flooring do you want? Any preferences about the roofing?

Your answers to the questions will help us understand what you are looking for. Whether it’s a budget-oriented utilitarian building or a weather-resilient prefab building- we will know what you have in mind.

Our project managers will run through the options in the initial meetings. We dedicate enough time to discuss the questions so that we can be certain that we covered all angles.

Our architects may also need to take a look at the construction site to make the designs. We also review local conditions like weather hazards to make sure your building stays functional and fit for occupancy.


Our adept architects get to work once we have all the required information. The step involves creating a description of the building and representing it with detailed plans and specifications.

Our designers take help of advanced building information modeling (BIM) solutions. We can show you how your finished building looks like once it comes together. The visual designing makes room for no mistakes and delivers an accurate design.


ll PEB designs are forwarded to our engineering department. Our experienced engineers review the design and evaluate whether it meets all regulations. Like on-site buildings, prefab buildings have to comply with a number of national, state and local building codes. The codes are put in place to ensure performance and safety.

Sometimes the local codes supersede the national codes or are augmented by them. For example the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone code applicable in many coastal counties.

Our engineers are up to date about any new rules and aware of all applicable codes. They also know the special standards and ordinances of hurricane-prone or flood zone areas.

The engineering review identifies any aspect of the design that doesn’t comply with the codes. We will promptly make the necessary changes to meet the standards. It leaves no room for errors and leads to a reliable and accurate design. But most of our designs sail through the review effortless as our architects coordinate with engineers while designing the buildings.

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